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Paid for by Cooney For Mayor, Rory F. O'Donnell CPA, Treasurer 20755 Brandywine Dri. Fairview Park, OH 44126


Mayor Eileen Patton

"Patrick J. Cooney's thought process is a pro-active one. He places the interests of the city's highest stakeholders, its residents, at the top of the list. Nothing more, nothing less."

Judy and Tim Mesaros

FHS Class of 1989 and former Member of Fairview Park Board of Education

"We have known Pat for 20 years. He is hard working and level headed and will do the right thing for our
city and our schools."

Patrick Nealon

Retired Chief of Police, Fairview Police Department

"Pat’s experience as a Municipal Prosecutor has given him valuable insight on matters, big and small, that
affect quality of life issues that residents face and Police address. His candor, common sense approach
and calm demeanor are qualities that Police appreciate and will serve him well as Mayor."

Debbie Chew

Owner of My Time Skin & Nails

"As a business owner in Fairview Park for the last 15 years and a resident for nearly 20 years, I know Pat’s
experience as a business attorney will help him when dealing with matters that concern people looking
to invest in our city and he will always focus on growth that is beneficial to residents."

Vera Casey

"I have been a resident of Fairview Park for over 34 years and I am supporting Patrick J. Cooney for Mayor of Fairview Park. I have had the pleasure of knowing Pat, his wife Sheila, and family for many years. He is a great father, husband, friend, and attorney. I find Pat to be a person of great integrity. We are fortunate as a community that Pat and his family have chosen Fairview Park as a place to raise a family and get involved. I think Pat will be a great leader for our city. Fairview has been a great place for me to raise a family and retire. Join me in voting for Patrick Cooney for Mayor in November!"

Jeff & Erica Kaufmann and Family

"We care about the future of Fairview Park and so does Pat. As life-long Fairview Park residents and public school teachers, we are confident that Pat will be a strong advocate for our community and our schools."


Fraternal Order of Police

Western Cuyahoga Lodge No. 25


Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council


North Shore AFL - CIO


Building Laborers' Union Local 310

Nancy & Dick Cause

FHS Class of 1973

Melissa & Frank Koenig

Elie Kaufmann

FHS Class of 2018

Mary Kay & Bill Costello

Mike Voinovich

Karen Voinovich

Jennifer & Steve Lowry

FHS Class of 1983

Patrick F. Roche

Former Fairview Park Law Director

Sonia & Pat Roche

Dolly & Dave Allan

Dave Lambros

FHS Class of 1973

Paul Kerrigan

FHS Class of 1995

Kevin McDonough

FHS Class of 1968

Jill & Rory O'Donnell

Sarah & Mike Webster

Warren & Mary Lanning Rogers

Beverly Jacob

Kathleen & Tom Fayen

Kathleen & Jim Proctor

Kathy & Jim Bacha

Jeana & Joe Coughlin

Amanda & Matt Cavanagh

Sarah Nageotte

FHS Class of 2006

Mary & John Joyce

Trish & John Cooney

Dennis Joyce

Lisa & Brian Gallagher

Mary & Ken Maglicic

Beth Cavanagh Murtaugh

Meghan & Kevin Disbrow

Dolores Constantino Williams

Denise & Keith Devine

FHS Class of 1971

Therese & Tom Nageotte

Mike Reagan